AASPI News & Events - 2018


Profile of new interpreters: A seismic facies classification video primer

Dr. Kurt Marfurt, Dr. Tao Zhao and MS Candidate, Murphy Cassel presents an example of how new interpreters are using machine learning to enhance seismic interpretation

Video courtesy of the AASPI Consortium & Geophysical Insights.

New Postdocs and Visiting Scholars Joining Us


- The esteemed Dr. Jie Qi has decided to continue his research effort with us for the next year or so as a postdoc .


- A husband/wife team from Chengdu University of Technology have joined us for the coming 18 months. Dr. Ying Hu is an expert in spectral decomposition and its use in reservoir characterization. Dr. Hui Chen is a geophysics has a background in seismology and exploration geophysics.