The bulk of the work will be conducted within OU's Crustal Imaging Facility (CIF) with computationally intensive work being done at the Oklahoma Supercomputing Center (OSCER). Through the generosity of commerical software vendors and service companies, CIF has onsite installations of state-of-the-art software products in seismic interpretation, processing, imaging, modeling, visualization, reservoir calibration, and reservoir simulation that exceeds that available to employees at many independent oil companies. Through close collaboration with oil and service companies, we have been able to obtain licenses 3D seismic, core, wire line, image log, microseismic, and production data, with a particular emphasison resource plays, that allow us to both test and calibrate our new developments in seismic attributes.

Project Coordination and Oversight

Kurt Marfurt, Ph.D. is a geophysicist with 39 years' experience in seismic attribute analysis, algorithm development, data processing, and interpretation. During his 18 years at Amoco, he played a role in developing both coherence and spectral decomposition algorithms and lead Amoco's attribute calibration team. After Amoco, Kurt served eight years furthering this effort as director of the University of Houston's Allied Geophysical Lab. He joined OU in 2007.

Marcilio Matos, Ph.D. is a geophysicist with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and was a visiting scholar with AASPI during the time period January 2008-December 2009. Marcilio has expertise in digital signal processing, spectral decomposition and self-organizaing maps. In 2010, Marcilio returned to Brazil where he continues collaborating with us in algorithm development and calibration

Bo Zhang , Ph.D. is a geophysicist who joined us in August 2014 as co-principal investigator after completing his Ph.D. at OU. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Geophysics at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His current research activity includes broadband seismic data processing, reflection tomography velocity analysis, seismic chronostratigraphy, and the development and calibration of new seismic attributes.

Sumit Verma , Ph.D. is a geophysicist who joined us in August 2017 as co-principal investigator after completing his Ph.D. at OU. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Geophysics it the University of Texas, Permian Basin (UTPB) in Midland, Texas. His current research activity includes correlating production from unconvential resource plays to surface seismic data using visualization and machine learning technology.

The four PIs will coordinate the overall with the bulk of the work accomplished through shared students with other faculty and consortia within OU. Students participating in the AASPI effort have theses and dissertations supervised by diverse faculty within the Schools of Geology and Geophysics and the School of Petroleum Engineering including Professors Ze'ev Reches (fractures and image logs), Matt Pranter (carbonate geology), Roger Slatt (depositional systems), Randy Keller (crustal evolution of the Midcontinent and Texas), Shankar Mitra (structural geology), Deepak Devegowada (rock typing and geostatistics), Carl Sondergeld (rock physics and shales), and Chandra Rai (rock physics and shales). G©G and Petroleum Engineering share the same software platform, while many of our G©G students have access to measuring rock properties in the Petroleum Engineering rock physics lab.

Sarkeys Energy Center

The AASPI Consortium is housed in the Sarkeys Energy Center, which is located at the southeast corner of Boyd St and Jenkins Ave, on the campus of The University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.


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