Submitted papers

Submitted in 2019
Title Authors
Multispectral coherence : Which decomposition should we use?
Bin Lyu, Jie Qi, Fangyu Li, Ying Hu, Tao Zhao, Sumit Verma, and Kurt J. Marfurt
Seismic anelastic attenuation estimation using prestack seismic gathers
Naihao Liu, Bo Zhang, Jinghuai Gao, and Shengjun Li
Accurate seismic dip and azimuth estimation using semblance dip guided struture-tensor analysis
Yihuai Lou, Bo Zhang, Tengfei Lin, Naihao Liu, Hao Wu, Rongchang Liu, and Danping Cao
Automatic horizon picking using multiple seismic attributes
Yihuai Lou, Bo Zhang, and Tengfei Lin
Seismic fault attribute estimation using a local fault model
Yihuai Lou, Bo Zhang, Ruiqi Wang, Tengfei Lin, and Danping Cao
Seismic horizon interpretation via deep convolutional neural networks
Hao Wu, Bo Zhang, and Tengfei Lin
White noise attenuation of seismic data by integrating variational mode decomposition and convolutional neural networks
Hao Wu, Bo Zhang, Tengfei Lin, Fangyu Li, and Naihao Liu
Semi-automatic first arrival picking of micro-seismic events by using pixel-wise convolutional image
Hao Wu, Bo Zhang, Fangyu Li, and Naihao Liu
Using machine learning as an aid to seismic geomorphology - Which attributes provide the best input?
Lennon Infante-Paez and Kurt J. Marfurt
Geometric seismic attribute estimation using data-adaptive windows
Tengfei Lin, Bo Zhang, and Kurt J. Marfurt
Pitfalls and implementation of data conditioning, attribute analysis, and self-organizing mapping to 2D data: Application to the Exmouth Plateau, North Carnarvon Basin, Australia
Thang N. Ha, Kurt J. Marfurt, and Bradley C. Wallet
Attribute selection in seismic facies classification: Application to a Gulf of Mexico 3D seismic survey
Yuji Kim,Robert Hardisty, and Kurt J.Marfurt
Characterization of mass transport deposits using seismic attributes: Upper Leonard formation, Permian Basin
Paritosh Bhatnagar, Sumit Verma, and Ron Bianco
Convolutional neural networks as an aid to biostratigraphy: A test on Late Paleozoic microfossils
Rafael Pires de Lima, Kurt J. Marfurt, Roger Burkhalter, Murphy Cassel, James E. Barrick, and Gerilyn S. Soreghan