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Unfortunately, getting to St. Helena is not as straightforward as it could (or should) be. The RMS St. Helena is the only means of reaching the island. The RMS now sails to Cape Town more frequently than she returns to the UK, and this has increased the frequency of calls at St. Helena. Sailing time is approximately 5 days from Cape Town and 14 days from the UK (although to lessen the sailing time the ship can be joined at Tenerife). In consequence, the travel time to/from St. Helena commonly exceeds the length of time spent on the island.

Accommodation on the island is limited. There are two small hotels (The Consulate and Wellington House) in Jamestown, one hotel (Farm Lodge) outside of Jamestown, and a number of bed and breakfast and self-catering facilities; details of accommodation can be found here. Limited car hire (from islanders) is available.

The St. Helena Tourism Office can be contacted at:

St Helena Tourism Phone: +290 2158
Jamestown FAX: +290 2159
St. Helena Island WWW:

Since August 2001 the RMS has been operated by Andrew Weir Shipping. Schedule and cost information can be obtained from:

Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd. Phone: +44 (0)20 7575 6480
Dexter House  
2 Royal Mint Court WWW:
London EC3N 4XX EMail:

There are a variety of travel and accomodation packages for visiting St. Helena.

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